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For redecoration purposes, we make homes and workplaces more functional and comfortable through exclusive products and professionally applied renovation. We offer solution partnerships for you to have a new start through a complete home renovation, and bathroom renovation, and kitchen renovation that we call partial renovation. We also provide decoration applications for homes and workplaces, unusual customized designs, and fantastic pieces of furniture. In anywhere you need, from the ground to the walls, we reveal the power of the colors through various painting techniques.

You can get professional assistance from us for the extension or division of any place. We comprehensively complete many projects, including room extension and division, crushing, every kind of painting application, special wallpaper projects, natural stone works, glazed tiles, faience application. We design customer reception counter, product stands, countertop, and shelf systems, etc. in places like pharmacies and stores that are busy with the entrance and exit of the customers.

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Architectural Modern Designs.
Mağaza Ofis Dekorasyonu

Since the stores and offices are the areas of commercial activity, they need to have visual competence. A store or an office should have the ability to affect a customer's perspective. Barış Construction, which performs various applications in terms of store renovation and redecoration, offers practical solutions to build functional, elegant, and comfortable places.

The kitchen is a must for a living space. It is significant for everybody, especially for women. What many women who command the kitchen find problematic are dull colors, old and cliche countertop designs, and a disturbing ambiance. The wider a kitchen is, the easier the kitchen-related activities can be implemented.

Mutfak Tadialtı Dekorasyonu
Banyo Tadilatı Dekorasyonu

Our firm helps the ones who want to change their bathrooms to unify the changes with a modern style. We put our signature under designs that will leave the cliche bathroom practices behind and create peaceful designs instead. You do not need to spend huge amounts of money on bathroom renovation and decoration.

Many homeowners and the couples to be married think the process requires a big-budget. So they believe that they cannot implement the home renovation and decoration they want. The fact is: the volume of the project and the craftmanship determine the budget for redecorating and renovating a home. Thanks to Barış Construction, the center of renovation and decoration, you can have your dreams fulfilled in every corner of your home.

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